I am an affiliate of Centerpointe's Holosync Meditation Program.
I endorse this program and recommend it as a tool for self-awareness.

Click this link to receive a
FREE demo CD of their program.  Go to the Free Demo page and mention my name, Madelana Ferrara, and MadMat Yoga.


In March/April 2014, I joined my wonderful teacher and friend, Naresh Bramhachari. We enjoyed many sacred adventures in the Himalayan foothills!

This was our reunion at Dehradun, near Rishikesh.


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MadMat Yoga
Resources for Yoga Education and Practices

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MadMat Yoga

  • Is a virtual yoga center. I do NOT have a physical location, but I DO provide services at a variety of physical locations in the NY/NJ area. 
  • This website is a resource for services that I provide to my clients:  yoga practices including breathing and meditation, bodywork, and education. 
  • I offer services at corporate locations, at local yoga studios, by private consultation, as well as at several retreat locations worldwide. 

In addition to Yoga; Meditation; and Bodywork, I can provide workshops in specialized topics for Yoga teachers and students. These workshops qualify for Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Together with my partner, we offer group instruction and private sessions in Tantric Energy Balancing, and Thai & Partner Yoga for couples.

I am a practitioner of:  The Trager
® Approach to Psycho-physical Integration; Thai Yoga; and Ear Candling.

Other modalities that I am practiced in include:  Past Life Regression; Yoga Nidra; and Vibrational tuning through sound.

I am trained in Matrix Energetics and spiritual dowsing, both of which open doors to unseen worlds of possibility.

I am often asked "what type of Yoga do I practice?" I have experience with a wealth of diverse yoga styles and traditions including Starseed, Anusara, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Himalayan, Viniyoga, Iyengar and other alignment-based traditions, but ultimately the focus is a Tantric one where all of life is a practice and a blessing. 

Mission:  To encourage and support your exploration of the sanctuary within, the place where sublime peace resides and from where life bursts forth to give itself expression as YOU!

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