MadMat Yoga integrates the power of yoga with your personal, customized program to achieve peace, wellbeing, and a fulfilled life. MadMat Yoga was founded by Madelana Ferrara, M.A., e-RYT-500, a Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Trager® Approach Practitioner, and a Yogic Lifestyle Coach. She and her team offer a variety of services to assist you on your path to finding inner and outer peace. They offer these services at their Caldwell, New Jersey Wellness Clinic. Executive and Staff group instruction are also available at your corporate location... Peace is In~Sight



My clients tend to be people who are referred to me by others with whom I have worked. Some are people who have unusual health issues that seem to defy resolution through medical means. Some people who are urged to do Yoga or Meditation by their medical professional for health-related issues also contact me to begin these life-changing practices.

Many of my clients initially contacted me when their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing was out of balance and no other method was able to help. In many cases, they reached the pinnacle of their material success only to find that they were not satisfied. They exhausted themselves, unsuccessfully, trying to achieve more by ‘doing more’ only to end up feeling less.

Often people believe that they are coming to see me for one thing and, once we get started working together, they find out that they are in need of something entirely different.


My job is to provide a holistic, natural solution that is customized to each person’s individual needs.


Sometimes we integrate meditation into their lives or guided relaxation techniques or hands-on help with creating a deeper state of relaxation in their body or their mind. I have many tools in my toolbox and enjoy figuring out which tool or tools are best to help each person.

I spend a lot of time listening to people. Often, we do Trager® Approach, restorative or gentle yoga, guided relaxation, hypnosis or regression therapy, yoga nidra, or breathing exercises. I also share and incorporate Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils into my practice.



How I got here

My parents’ divorce when I was barely 7 years old and subsequent losses in crucial, adult relationships played a critical role in the path of my life. I moved towards exploration of my artistic talents and the world of imagination initially writing my life in my journal, then as a singer and later exploring acting, but fear got in the way and, with much angst and a sense of determination, I left my dream world to do something “practical”.

I doubted my own intellect, despite always being at the top of my classes and – looking back – realize that I had something to prove to myself and I would begin by becoming a C.P.A. in the exciting world of Wall Street!

Nature did not support this. I barely lasted a decade when I recognized that my stress was at detrimental levels and my life and achievements did not offer me a feeling of satisfaction, nor did I find fulfillment or meaning in my corporate world. I knew that I had to do something about it, so I began to meditate.

Then everything changed. I left this world to start my life over again in a healthy and fulfilling way. I went back to graduate school, got my M.A. in Exercise Science and then I tripped into Yoga. I studied with a shaman and became impassioned with this new world. I studied everything I could. I learned all the Yoga I could, practiced all the meditations I could. I became completely immersed in the practices and teachings.

I used everything I was learning, all of these practices, to navigate my own life.


My life was my laboratory. My body was my laboratory.


I committed to a counseling social worker to talk through the patterns of my life. I applied myself diligently and persistently to building the life that I wanted to live. I was fortunate to not have physical issues, but it was clear to me that I would if I didn’t solve my stress.

In the process, I divorced twice, opened and closed a business and learned that even though life is stressful, I do not need to become stressed out in order to live it.

Then I met my guru and, with his guidance and support, I adopted the yogic practices in a much deeper way – as a dedicated lifestyle. Even though I had been working towards it for the last 30 years, having the support of a community made a huge difference for me.

This was my journey. Though yours may look nothing like mine, the principles I used are universal. I am here to help you use these principles to find your unique path and get on your way.

How Do We Work?

First of all, we will discuss who you are, where you have been, and where you want to go. I will guide you. Like a line that you hold on to as you take steps into a dark cave, I will be the line, giving you hope and companionship as you embark on your journey.

So many of my clients feel hopeless when we start, but very quickly that changes for them as we begin to integrate the principles. Those that come to me hopeful and motivated will receive a supportive listener and committed coach.

As someone who has used these practices individually and in an integrated way over 3 decades, I know their power and potential. I will listen to you and together, we will find your solution.


The environment I strive to set allows us to be completely at ease.


Generally, people leave feeling some degree of clarity about what the next steps can look like. Many people leave with a feeling of hope, a belief in their ability to resolve their issue. Hope is a powerful catalyst.

I do not rush my clients, I give them time to explore their own inner wisdom and learn to trust it.

Time is a big part of the process. Many people don’t take the time or don’t have the time or don’t know how to apply the time.

So often my clients tell me that when they feel like they are at an impasse, I have an answer or something to offer them, or that I’m willing to explore the issues with them when others do not. By trusting each other, we are able to do the work together.

How does your future look?

Can you imagine your life without the issue that is bringing you to see me? If you are motivated to help yourself, on some level you know that you can solve or resolve your issue.

Do not concern yourself if you don’t currently know what life would be like. I promise that some part of you knows!


Here is what I tend to see: People tend to become more autonomous as a result of our work together.


They need me less and less over time because they are using the tools I teach them more and more over time. They learn how to take care of their own needs and challenges in a more autonomous way. They become empowered to resolve future issues, too.

We aren’t just fixing the issue they came in with, we are educating them. They then move in the direction they want to create the life they want.

Should You believe Me?

This journey changed me. It revealed me. But I was there struggling and feeling lost and I’ve come out the other side with the help of my tools and my faith and trust in my teachers and the process.

I am your partner in the journey. Ultimately it is your journey. Ultimately it is your inner guidance system that must be activated. We all need a bit of help and support along the way. My job is to offer that help and that support to people like you who want to find their way to balance.

I bought into the same things that you did and I ended up adrift on a path that led me to my own dissatisfactions. I found the people and the teachings that helped me set my course and I believe the things I used on my journey may be helpful for you to use on yours. I want to help you discover yourself.

In addition to the things that I’ve spoken about so far, I’m also:

  • Yoga Alliance Certified – Experienced 500-hour teacher

  • Certified Trager® Practitioner

  • Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • M.A. Exercise Physiology

  • Certified Hypnotist

  • Student of Ayurvedic principles

…and a whole slew of other things that I’ve studied and done in my lifetime that aren’t even top of mind right now.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Emotional and or mental ease

  • Physical relief is also often reported

  • Pain Relief. Stress Relief. Increased Stamina and Mobility.

But that is just the beginning… really…

Once the stress is removed, once the pain is resolved, you may see that there are so many more benefits underneath the surface that are worth exploring….

In addition to me being a coach and a guide to help you get well on your journey, you also get access to the knowledge base of my gurus. This is a unique opportunity and not to be underestimated. My teachers and colleagues have much knowledge and much to share that will benefit you on your journey.

I encourage you to take a look at the testimonials that are included on my website as well as the other websites that are my businesses including:


  •; and


Also look at my Facebook pages and see the testimonial videos that I have posted with my clients telling their success stories. I am periodically uploading new stories and videos, so check in from time to time to connect with those people who may have similar stories to yours.

My clients continue to work with me and they return to work with me over and over because they prefer that my solutions integrate all their parts. I understand that their mind is not separate from their body. I look at them as I will look at you, a whole person with many layers and parts. It is this integrative process that makes my work and what we do together fundamentally effective.


When we work together, you will experience a customized, holistic, natural solution to physical, mental, emotional distress or imbalance.


I encourage you to allow yourself to move at your own pace, to integrate the information and the new practices without forced timelines or extra pressure to succeed or achieve.

Body/mind/spirit/emotions are integrated to bring you to a place of mental and physiological harmony and happiness, even bliss. When all of you is in balance, only then can you be happy and wholly satisfied with your life experience.

I care about your success.

Ultimately, our work together is educational. Whether we are educating your neuromuscular systems through touch-based modalities, or educating your nervous system through relaxation-oriented practices, or integrating your psycho-emotional/psycho-physical systems through discussion and somatic experience, it is all really educational in nature.


Private one on one sessions usually last 90 minutes to two hours, but 50 minute sessions are also available.


Once you learn to recognize your own patterns, you have the potential to master the tendencies that bring you out of balance. This is the most critical aspect of what you will receive. This is invaluable!

Remember the old adage: “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day – teach a man to fish, he eats for his lifetime!” Or the vegan version of that: “Give a girl a salad and she will eat for one lunch, but teach her to grow her own vegetables and she can make endlessly exciting salads!”

You get real knowledge on how to make positive change. Yes, I’m a natural teacher, but we are also exploring healing modalities that help to get us more connected with our true selves.

Even more valuable than the sense of relief is the understanding of what is causing your issue so you can be more in control of it – not ruled by it. The tools you learn with me will help you to resolve issues that may arise in the future on your own.

What is the financial investment?

My fees are reasonable, particularly when you consider the number of disciplines that I integrate into my work with you and that you are really making an investment in your own very personal and intimate evolution.

Since no two clients are identical, no two client prescriptions are identical. Every person is treated as unique, so the custom package that you receive is not “out of a can.”

My basic rates are $100/hour and I strive to make the work affordable and available for all of my serious and committed clients. I also offer packages to help reduce the per session cost.

  • I want to work with people who are serious about their own success.

  • I want to work with people who want to walk the path of self-realization and who may not have been able to get the right support along the way.

  • I offer customized programs to resolve specific issues over set periods of time.

  • I want to work with people who are committed to the process and who believe they will succeed even if they are not sure what the next step is for them.

  • I want to work with people who want to learn.

  • I want to work with people who have exhausted other avenues and are ready to reclaim their disparate parts to become whole and happy.

If you are one of these people, I am sure that we can find a way to make the investment of your finances in yourself achievable.

Is it worth it to invest in yourself?

The solution that you need is inside of you. The doctor may give you a solution that is inside of a bottle. I promise, the solution inside of you is better.

My work is comprehensive. My work is generally one-on-one and very personalized. I do offer classes, workshops and retreats from time to time, but for the most part my work is individualized and focused on YOU. Since there is only one ME to do this, my time is limited and my sessions are booked by appointment.

Some issues require more time or more frequency. Some people require more contact and more support. Others need very little to resolve their issue.


If you know you are ready, I suggest that you contact me now to set up a time. I believe that you are worth it, do you?


Phone: (973) 900-1990