As this holiday of gratitude approaches, and it ushers in the attitude of frenzy that so often accompanies the weeks leading up to Christmas and the end of another year, I urge you to consider shifting in some way to allow this Thanksgiving to be a “place for space.” Perhaps you can start your Day of Thanks with some moments of pure silence.

  • Get up a little extra early to simply sit and witness the morning and its unfolding.

  • When you join with your family and friends, before you start to devour the delicious food, take a few moments to be silent together. No one has to say anything. Just be an open, receptive witness to the moment. Just sit with yourself and look at who you are. Do this silently in the presence of your loved ones while they do it in your presence.

  • Before you head for bed that evening, take just a few minutes to sit still with yourself or your lover or your entire household. Just sit and look into the moment where you are. “Plunge” into it!

  • Don’t try to be grateful. Don’t worry if you aren’t grateful. Don’t ‘intend’ for anything to be other than what it is.

  • Do be curious about what it is, though. Do be still enough to feel it and sense it and see it with your inner vision.

To inspire you to this practice, here is a quote from gold nuggets: MESSAGES FROM EXISTENCE, a compilation of thoughts from OSHO:

The world of ‘more’ is the world of the ordinary man. The world of not going after more, not after any goal ahead of you, but just looking in the moment where you are, who you are, and taking a plunge into the presentness of your consciousness. This is the only revolution, and the only religion, and the only spirituality there is.

About the Author:

Madelana Ferrara is a teacher of Yoga and a student and practitioner of its related disciplines of Meditation and Ayurveda.