Holistic (Ear) Candling

An ancient practice used in many indigenous cultures. Holistic candling has been used with success for: Sinus & Migraine headaches; Sinusitus; Vertigo; Ear infections; Vertigo; Hearing loss; Swimmers Ear; Common cold and flu symptoms; Allergies and more. A beeswax-coated linen cloth wrapped conically to create a cone or ‘candle’ which is inserted into the ear. The warmth, the shape, and the constituent essential oil ingredients of the candle create a relaxed state that encourages the body to shift into its innate healing system.

Sound and Vibration Tuning

Vibration and frequency impact our energy system by causing entrainment, i.e., our cells vibrate with the intervening vibration or frequency. We can cause greater states of well-being to occur by choosing frequencies that cause a more harmonious vibration in our out-of-balance chakras, which are basically hubs of vibration. In addition, stones, gems and minerals carry their own grounding and vibrating properties. The stones can be used to ground and stabilize or to move energy into or out of particular chakras thereby literally channeling the energy into desirable pathways and opening blocks to the chakras and their pathways. This is a sweetly pleasant session that can generate states of mind ranging from highly alert to deeply relaxed. The result is to rebalance the energy body and the chakra system to a state of optimal functioning and relaxed alertness.

Tandem Tantric Balancing & Massage

This session developed when my partner and I began playing with offering two-handed sessions to our friends and colleagues. After very little time, we became aware that this was clearly NOT massage, nor was it Trager® Approach, it was something unique unto itself. Much bigger than just the combination of our attempt to combine our two backgrounds in healing, and our desire to offer an effective form of bodywork.

What developed quite quickly was a session that offers a range of experiences from simply deeply relaxed healing touch to profound channeled insight and information held in the tissue of the body to provide guidance and direction, often to overcome issues that the recipient has been working on or even struggling to understand. The end result is a balancing of the two energies found in all beings, Shiva (the masculine) and Shakti (the feminine) energies. These energies will be invited to a more optimal state of balance and integration so that the recipient can experience a more natural flow of their prana (or life force energy).

Each session is unique and guided, not by format or routine, but by meditative presence. Trusting in the practices of presence and attention, my partner and I allow the energy of the receiver’s being to guide us to areas that want to ‘speak’ or release held patterns.

Part massage, part quantum physics, part energy healing, part channeling, this is likely to be a session that you will not quickly forget.

Shiva Shakti Tango Healing Massage

This session is exclusively for couples to receive together.

My partner, an LMT, and I work on you both together and simultaneously. Each of you lay comfortably on your individual table and we begin on each of you individually – checking in to assess your energy levels and physical issues that are immediately present at the start of the session. We set intention, clear physical and energetic blocks, and read the body as we dance from one to the other like bees spreading pollen as they dance from flower to flower.

The session begins with focusing on your individual needs and progresses to address the needs and imbalances in the third entity: the Energetic Being of your Coupledom. The space between you is the fertile ground that allows the relationship to blossom. It is our intention to tend to this space for the ultimate benefit of the individuals and the couple. At times we may be focused and attentive to one partner or the other, and at times we may dance from one table to the other as we feel the shifts in the energy between the two of you.

Tantric Couples Coaching & Workshops

Sessions for couples of any gender to deepen the bond that brings them together.

The practice of Tantra was defined by Osho as a transformation of sex into love through awareness. These workshops and sessions are designed to use a playful approach to finding awareness of self and lover through movement practices, breathing exercises and guided visualizations, as well as gentle, loving touch.

With no specific demands, couples can learn to come into the moment with a state of present awareness that renders an open and receptive mind and spirit. The present moment holds all that we need to be spontaneous, inviting, vulnerable, authentic, kind, and loving.

Learn to honor yourself and your partner through the practice and philosophy of Tantra. In that honoring, you can reveal the truth that holds the potency of magic to re-ignite, re-kindle, inspire, and expand your love!



Wellness Through Essential Oils


* Have you ever wondered what essential oils are used for?

Essential oils are the equivalent of the plant’s blood. Like our blood, the oils carry a multitude of nutrients through the body of the plant to provide nourishment to all the plant’s parts. These nutrients, like all substances, have a frequency. In fact, like everything that is alive, there is an energetic frequency. Like striking a gong and hearing the resonance of the sound go on and on and on, all living things have a resonance and a frequency at which they vibrate. So, the oils also have resonance and frequency. And, depending upon which nutrients are significant, an oil will have a frequency or vibration consistent with that nutrient. When we apply those oils to our body, or ingest them when safe to do so, we take in that nourishment and is assists us in raising our frequency to the level of the oil’s.

* How does using essential oils create wellness?

Well, as I previously described, when we take in the life blood of the plant with all its rich nutrients, we absorb those properties to raise our level of health by increasing (or reducing in the case of an overactive situation) our vibration. Not unlike all other practices that we may do to achieve greater states of health, yoga helps us to move the body with specific exercises and breathing techniques that flush out toxic energy and leave more healthy, pure states of resonance, meditation assists us in nurturing the soil of our mind so that the health thoughts which we have planted may take root, sound healing literally resonates the cells of our body so that they begin to vibrate in harmony, all of these methods and more act on a fundamental level to bring us to greater states of health. When health is good, our vibration is said to be pure. We become like a fine-tuned instrument. And we are!

* What if I just like the way they smell?

That is great! There are plenty of reasons that enjoying the scent is healthy. For one thing, our sense receptors through the olfactory system send chemical messages directly to the brain. It’s like sending an email to your brain when you wear a scent that you like and that also has healthy properties as a bonus. And if you find you need the properties of a particular oil, but you can’t tolerate the scent, just apply it to the bottoms of your feet. The absorption rate is quick (as little as under 1 minute) and you won’t have to smell it in order to receive the benefits. Sometimes, as we begin to purify the condition around which that oil is needed, we begin to have a better tolerance for that scent. So applying to the feet is a great step to ultimate de-toxification. As a secondary intention, don’t underestimate the power of how you smell and its affect on those around you. You may find that when you start wearing the oils people approach you and ask “what is that you are wearing?” It happens to me all the time. The oils have such a potent and rich quality that no perfume can even come close. Don’t be surprised to find people hanging around you just to get a whiff!

* There are so many oils around, how do I know what I’m buying?

It’s not always easy to tell the quality of the oils you are purchasing if you do not know the producer of those oils and how strict they are in sticking to good farming and distilling practices. There are many good brands of oils available, but keep in mind that if your oil producer is not choosy about where they procure their constituent parts, you may end up with oils made from plants grown just down the road from a garbage dump or a polluted body of water. The idea of organic farming becomes very appealing when you think about using oils. Whatever is in the soil, will ultimately be in your oil. So this is not something to take lightly. I have sampled many oils in my ongoing search for the most pure, the best smelling, the most cost effective. In my ongoing practice of working with essential oils since 1995, I have explored many products. I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA CPTG essential oils. These Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils are subjected to multiple levels of 3rd party testing and are sourced in their natural growing environment with ultimate respect for the land. If you want to know more, give me a call and set up an appointment. I would be happy to share information and offer you the opportunity to sample these outstanding products!



Spiritual Clearing and Dowsing

Dowsing is a technique that has been used through centuries to find water with two rods or sticks. But there is much more that can be done with this basic technique. With the use of a pendulum or through the simple practice of kinesiologic muscle testing, answers to important questions can be gained, energy can be cleaned, physical symptoms can be investigated and information can be gleaned to root out truths that may be helpful to and have significant positive impact on one’s life and lifestyle. The limit here is basically at your imagination.

These sessions can be teaching sessions, if the client wants to learn the technique. They can be ‘healing’ sessions, if the client wants to have the technique done for/with them to gain information, clear energetic blocks, emotional challenges or triggers, and more.

These sessions can be incorporated into the work with other practices such as Yoga practice or philosophy, advancing the effects of bodywork, specifically targeting the practice of Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Regression. Again, the limit is only your imagination.

Here is a testimonial from a client that I recently worked with who had suffered trauma and was not able to get relief through any other means:

I came to Maddi in upset and distress. She knew just how to help me in her calm, caring way. I was able to become well very quickly because each session was effective and accomplished so much. Maddi was with me 100%. She helped me understand the cause of my illness. Her breathing exercises helped me bring my life into balance. I am grateful to her, and want to recommend her to others. Wishing you everything good!

– Esther