The word yoga derives from the root word yug meaning to yoke or join. Yoga is an 8-limbed path that incorporates practices of the body, breath and mind to develop calmness, reduce reactivity to stress, and improve mental focus. Learn techniques to create more peace and coherence in your body, mind and spirit. Integrate your parts and feel the serenity that lives within you. A committed practice of yoga can help instill a greater sense of unity, energy, health and mental clarity.

Restorative Yoga

You will be resting in a yoga posture, surrounded by props to support you so that you are able to rest, breathe and be still while receiving the benefits of this particular asana. The props make it so that the only effort required by you is to stay aware and breath into this beautiful, resting body for anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes.

Restorative yoga provides a space for inner quiet that brings wellness and healing deep into the body. It’s a must-do for those whose lives are operating at top speed and intensity most of the time or those who are recovering from physical injury, emotional strain, or spiritual disconnection. It’s a must-add for those who already practice yoga, but focus entirely or substantially on practices that are vigorous, athletic, movement-based or intense.

Restorative yoga offers to add the balance to a yoga practice that will create a softer, more supple outer body reducing tension and movement restriction. The softening of the outer body allows awareness of the inner body to develop so that a strength can be gained deep in the core of the body. Yoga is all about creating harmony and a union of integrated action and awareness. Restorative yoga provides the means to develop those qualities in our practice and in our daily lives.

Yoga Therapy

The practices of Yoga can assist you to get more out of your life! The body gets tuned, the breath gets exercised and empowered, the heart gets massaged and strengthened, the mind gets expanded and rested. Through the practices of Yoga we can reach the field of unbounded potential and increase our overall coherence and harmony with Life!

Yoga as therapy utilizes the powerful aspects of yoga to help bring the body and mind and all the intricate systems into a more harmonious balance so that the body can maximize its own natural ability to move toward greater health.

Simple practices (not necessarily ‘easy’) will be utilized to build internal strength and vigor; to increase suppleness and flexibility; to balance out-of-balance states of body/mind. In time and with persistent practice, you will begin to see improvements in health and ease in living. You were meant to enjoy this life!


Kriyas are purifying exercises done originally as the basis of a yoga practice.


Mudras are gestures done either with the hands or the entire body used to signify and garner a specific energy that has a potent effect on the 5 koshas (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and energetic).


Bandhas are muscular locks that have the potential to channel energy in quite incredible ways through the body.


Nadis are the energy channels. Said by B.K.S. Iyengar to total 72,000, (and even more than that exist, but whose counting?) these are equivalent to the combined functions of the nervous and endocrine systems in our bodies.


Thai Yoga Bodywork.

A yoga- based form of body and energy work that utilizes a series of energy lines, call Sen lines, mapped throughout the body. This practice is said to work on all five koshas or layers of one’s being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

Regular Thai Yoga Massage work can deepen awareness and physical capacity in one’s yoga asana and pranayama practices as well as introduce a feeling of fluid ease and grace to the recipient during their daily life.


Movement as Medicine

Based on the Trager® Approach and Mentastics® (a movement practice rooted in mental awareness and connections), this class uses simple movements and imagery to invite, not only relaxation, but an enhanced state of present awareness in mind and body. This practice focuses on finding freer movement and movement possibilities which unlocks tension and trauma that can be held in the connective tissue memory system.

Like a moving meditation, learning to access this freer, lighter, more effortless state of being teaches us how to find this quality of being in every movement in every action, in all of our life.

For women undergoing fertility enhancement treatments, this class can be a wonderful and playful way to learn how to become free from the stress, worry, anxiety, and distraction that so typically accompanies this journey. With increased relaxation, the physical and mental stresses of fertility procedures and medications can be balanced and perhaps even diminished.

These are effects that can benefit anystudent of any gender at any stage of life, but this class is restricted to women only, sorry gentlemen. To all women at any stage of life, not just those in fertility treatment, this class is geared toward YOU.

Partner and Thai Yoga for Couples

This class is a beautiful opportunity for couples of any orientation to learn partner yoga postures and stretches to help care for and relax each other. Students will be taught breathing (pranayama) exercises to help ground and connect, simple Thai Yoga massage stretches to help create deep relaxation in the body, and simple Yoga postures (asana) to inspire an attitude of play together.

For couples interested in improving fertility, this class is a great way to help diminish the stress that can accompany this journey. For other couples or friends who want to receive help in releasing tight bodies and learning to relax, this class is a fun installment to a busy week.




A mental exercise undertaken to develop the ability to concentrate on a single object or point of focus. The practice of concentration leads to the experience of meditation, which state is technically marked by specific brainwave states (theta 4-8 Hz/second) that have been measured in scientific research studies. For the average person, developing an improved ability to focus the mind will bring a greater sense of calming peace and insight into their ordinary daily activities. The health benefits of a regular meditation practice are many.


Private Sessions Available

These sessions can be done privately or in a semi-private (2-3 people) group. They are conducted in group format in corporate locations. Contact me to arrange for Meditation and Stress Relief classes at your corporate location.


Active Meditations

Techniques designed by Osho to adjust to the current passive lifestyle. They add a preliminary “active” step to traditional meditations. Before we can truly sit and relax our minds, and encounter ourselves as we are, we need to let go of many repressed emotions and feelings, which create our internal tensions. This is what unstructured chaotic movement does. It can be in many forms like dancing, breathing, whirling, babbling. For a period of time, we stop strict control of our movements, and let them just happen spontaneously, responding to the music. We just watch. We let our bodies and minds be active, while we just passively observe them. When the traditional meditation step comes and our tired body also becomes passive and relaxed, the inner and outer passivities merge and in that stillness, we can see ourselves.

The Taoist mystic, Osho, taught philosophy before setting up the ashram which became famous with people from the West wanting to experience meditation and transformation. He is said to be one of the 10 people – others include Gandhi, Nehru and Buddha – who have changed the destiny of India. His own epitaph is: Never Born – Never Died – Only visited this planet Earth between December 11, 1931 and January 19, 1990. His books have sold in tens of thousands.

Past Life Regression

This session brings the subject to a consciously relaxed state of body and mind. Once relaxed, the material stored in one’s subconscious mind can be accessed with the help of the practitioner. It is possible to recall information that has been buried by the conscious mind. The information retrieved can be helpful and effectively utilized during ordinary waking states for greater understanding of the obstacles that get in the way in one’s life.

Yoga Nidra

The word “Nidra” means sleep. “Yoga sleep” is a form of meditation that is guided so that the practitioner experiences a deep state of rest/sleep in the body, but an alert state of awareness in the mind/consciousness. Through the practice of yoga nidra, the mind can be trained to achieve a state of mastery over facets of daily life, including manifesting intentions which are a critical aspect of the yoga nidra practice.

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These sessions can be done privately or in a semi-private groups.