What is the MadMat Salon?

A MadMat Salon is a small, intimate gathering of like-minded individuals who listen and dialog with interesting people from diverse walks of life.

You must be invited in order to attend the live, filmed event.

You are attending an event with distinguished guests who will speak about interesting topics to educate and enlighten those gathered in the studio and to ultimately reach a broader audience through the online webcast.

Madelana and Richard at the Salon

Madelana and Richard at the Salon


Who are our speakers?

We invite people who have a vision for the world:

  • People who, using common sense wisdom and techniques, share their vision and offer a path to new knowledge and ideas.

  • People who are living exemplary lives with a vision to enhance the planet.

  • People who are experts in their field or authorities on topics which have relevance to creating a more peaceful planet.

  • Inspiring people who you will love to listen to and want to hear more from…

MadMat Salon Host

MadMat Salon Host


Recent Salons


Upcoming Salons

Upcoming Salons include continuing conversations with masters from diverse backgrounds and interesting perspectives